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WVIK: Viking News Network for Lil' Vikes

A weekly news broadcast from the Shanksville Elementary School.

WVIK: Inside Viking News(IVN)


News, weather, sports, and special segments from Shanksville's High School.


Welcome to the newest addition to Shanksville Viking Media.  (It's) Poddy Time is a weekly podcast written, directed, and produced soley by Shanksville high school students who simply hang-out and chat about pop-culture, video games, and any other relevent (or not) internet culture that comes to mind.  If you are looking for a good chuckle, you are in for a blast.

Prior Episodes of (it's Poddy Time w/ J.W.B.

Episode 1 What is J.W.B?; Super Bowl; Taylor Swift 
Episode 2 Super/Swift Wrap up; Sitcoms; Comedy
Episode 3 Riddle me This..........