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Graduation Requirements

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The goal of every Senior is to complete all necessary requirements prior to the graduation day
ceremony. If a student fails a class required for graduation, he/she may reschedule that course the
following school year or make up the credit during summer school, which will enable them to
earn their diploma but they will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony with their
classmates. The following requirements must be met in full for a student to receive their diploma and
participate in the graduation ceremony:

• Successful completion of Culminating/Senior Project.

• All outstanding bills to be paid, including: cafeteria account, library book fines, payment for
lost/damaged books, return of sports uniforms, etc.

• Meet all course credit requirements outlined in the curriculum guide.

• Passing grades in all core classes, including final exams.

• Participation in “Senior Day” and all graduation rehearsals.

• Any senior who is illegally absent from school the last 30 days of school will not receive his/her
diploma until ALL illegal absences are made up following graduation.