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National Honor Society



To become a member of the Shanksville-Stonycreek National Honor Society, a student must have a high standing both in the community and the school.  The areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character will be evaluated as each applies to the student’s community and school involvement.  The following outlines the requirements for each of these.


Candidates eligible for selection must be members of the Sophomore or Junior class.  Students must have a 3.25 GPA average overall from grade 9 through the first semester of the current school year.


A candidate must contribute to the welfare of others in school and community organizations.

Two points are given for each service area, up to a maximum of five areas and ten points.  A student must have two service areas to apply for membership.  Candidates will have a list to determine their areas of involvement.  Students will have to describe their areas of service and have a sponsor signature to verify the service.


Candidates must show responsibility for others in some capacity to qualify.

As with service, a list will be available to determine each candidate’s involvement.  Two points will be given for every leadership area up to a maximum of ten.  Students will have to describe their area(s) of leadership and have a sponsor signature to verify the leadership.



A candidate must demonstrate the highest standards of honesty, reliability, cooperation, integrity, and concern for others.

Each candidate will choose eight (8) *teachers for the character reference.  The four current school year core subject teachers (Math, Science, English, and History) plus four other teachers they have had since ninth grade are eligible for consideration.  A Technology Center student eligible for membership must have their core shop teacher as a reference.

*Administrators, guidance counselors, nurse, coaches, and secretaries are not eligible to be character references.

Student Selection


A.      A minimum of fifty-seven (57) points is needed for a candidate to qualify in scholarship.  Points are obtained as follows:


Points will be rounded to the nearest tenth.


B.      Any student who meets the scholarship requirement must also receive at least four points in the area of service and two points in the area of leadership.


C.       In the area of character, a candidate must have an average of thirty-five (35) points from the eight teachers rating him/her.


The candidate will provide the NHS committee with a check-off list of teachers’ names to which they have given the character reference forms to verify that core teachers are included.


D.      A maximum number of points may be earned in each area.  Quotas are as follows:



Scholarship                       70                          57

Service                              10                             4

Leadership                        10                          2

Character                          10                          7 (35 average)


TOTAL                               100                           70


E.       A minimum of seventy (70) points is required for a candidate to meet the qualifications for induction into the Shanksville-Stonycreek National Honor Society.

F.        Once a candidate receives seventy (70) or more total points, the Faculty Council takes a majority vote to determine the final inductees.

G.     No candidate will be inducted into the NHS under probation.


A selection committee, made up of five teachers from the school, will meet to determine which students obtained the qualifying number of points and to assist in other concerns for the Society.