Shanksville-Stonycreek Elementary School
    Elementary SchoolWelcome to Shanksville Elementary School, home of the Lil' Vikes.  Our exceptional elementary educates local students from pre-kindergarten through grade 5.  The pre-k classroom is primarily designed for developmentally (socially and emotionally) young 5 year old students.  The class may also include, as space permits, 4 year old students.  Kindergarten through grade 5 each have two classes with an average enrollment of 28 students per grade.  The elementary school employs one full-time reading specialist who delivers direct services to students that are in kindergarten through grade 3 and consultative services to grades 4 and 5.  One learning support teacher provides specially designed instruction to eligible elementary teachers.  All  primary grade teachers have been formally trained in the Slingerland Multisensory Teaching Approach.  The Slingerland method of teaching uses a multisensory  method that teaches the child techniques to function successfully in reading, writing, spelling, and speaking.  Also, grades 4 and 5 are departmentalized and students rotate to receive instruction in mathematics, reading, science, and social studies.  Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports, band, and chorus.  Finally, the elementary school continues to use the positive behavior improvement program called "Caught Being Good".  Please feel free to contact any elementary staff member if you require additional information regarding our school.  

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