• Administrative Staff Directory


    Dr. Samuel Romesberg, III
    email   Email Samuel Romesberg: sromesberg@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649 

    Reno Barkman
    K-12 Principal
    email   Email Reno Barkman: rbarkman@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649 

    Sidney Clark
    Business Manager
    email   Email Sidney Clark: sclark@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649 

    Marty Petrosky
    Director of Technology and Curriculum
    email   Email Marty Petrosky: mpetrosky@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649

    Doug Custer
    Maintenance Supervisor
    email   Email Doug Custer: dcuster@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649 

    Christa Adomnik
    Cafeteria Supervisor
    email   Email Christa Adomnik: kadomnik@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649 


    Natalie Custer
    High School Secretary
    email   Email Natalie Custer: ncuster@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649 


    Gail Edwards
    Elementary Secretary
    email   Email Gail Edwards: gedwards@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649 


    Heidi Gross
    Guidance Secretary
    email   Email Heidi Gross: hgross@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649 


    Renee Meager
    Accounting Clerk
    email   Email Renee Meager: rmeager@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649 

    Stephanie Milavec
    Admnistrative Assistant/Athletic Director
    email   Email Stephanie Milavec: smilavec@sssd.com
    Phone  814.267.4649