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Food Service Policies

Local Meal Charge Policy/Procedure

The Shanksville-Stonycreek School District recognizes the need for proper nutrition for all of its students.  As a result, the District has comprised the following Local Meal Charge Policy/Procedure to ensure all students receive a lunch each school day:

  1. Students have their own individualized spending account in the cafeteria to pay for purchases made during the breakfast and lunch hours and for snack time for students in Pre-K through Grade 12.
  2. Contributions/Deposits can be made to student cafeteria accounts through the school cafeteria using the existing envelope system that allows deposits via cash or check for the student identified on the enclosed deposit slip or written on the envelope.
  3. Contributions/Deposits can also be made online through the website for processing fee that is added to the contributor’s cost at the time the transaction is processed.
  4. Students utilize their PIN number when they go through the line at breakfast and lunch and are assessed the cost of their items and/or meal without identifying the economic status of the student.
  5. If a student’s balance falls to the negative (below $0.00), they are not permitted to purchase additional, or a la cate, items beyond the meal being served as long as they have a delinquent balance. The student is still permitted to charge a complete breakfast and lunch meal each day.
  6. All students with negative balances have emails or letters generated on the close of business each Thursday that are sent directly to the parents notifying them of the account balance.
  7. When a student’s balance is in the negative more than -$10.00, the Cafeteria manager will begin calling and leaving messages for the parent/guardian in addition to the email/letter going home.
  8. After the third attempt by the Cafeteria Manager is made via phone, the Cafeteria Manager notifies the Pre-K to Grade 12 Principal and the Business Manager of the negative balance.
  9. A letter, along with a Free and Reduced Meal Application is mailed home to the parent/guardian at the same time the Principal calls the parent/guardian to address.
  10. The Business Manager also verifies that the student is not already on the Direct Certification List.
  11. The District reserves the right at any time during or the end of the school year to have the General Fund refund the Food Service Fund for any balance over $25.00 after three (3) failed attempts by the Cafeteria Manager and three (3) failed attempts by the Principal to collect the outstanding negative balance. At the time the General Fund reimburses the Food Service Fund for this outstanding balance, it will be now be classified as “Bad Debt”.
  12. The District will notify the parent/guardian via a direct certified mailing that this Bad Debt, now in the General Fund, will be turned over to local district magistrate for collection purposes if the debt is not paid within the next thirty (30) days.
  13. On day thirty-one (31) if the Bad Debt is not paid, the Superintendent is to take action and turn the matter over the local district magistrate for collection purposes.
  14. At the end of each school year, all delinquent balances that do not meet the Bad Debt threshold will be carried over into the next school year. All identified Bad Debt, will be transferred to the General Fund and local district magistrate for collection purposes (Steps 11 through 13).


Wellness Policy Information

The Shanksville-Stonycreek School District is required by law and school policy to regularly review and continue to update our District's Wellness Policy. The District's Wellness Policy and the other school board polices can be viewed under the OUR DISTRICT / SSSD BOARD OF EDUCATION / BOARD POLICIES link on our website or by clicking on the following link:  BoardDocs® LT.

As part of our legal requirement, the review of our Wellness Policy is required to be done once every three (3) years and the results of that review are to be shared with the public.  The results of our most recent review resulted in the school board approving a revised version of the Wellness Policy to meet recent legal changes. The Assessment Tool that was used by the Wellness Committee must be made available for public review.  The tool can be found by clicking on this link, Wellness Policy Assessment Tool.

If you ever have any questions regarding this information or anything else within the food service/cafeteria department, please do not hesitate to contact our Cafeteria Manager, Christa Adomnik, at (814) 267-4649 x 229, or