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WVIK/Viking Media


WVIK Viking News Network was established in 2007, when Shanksville stduents embarked upon producing the first news/announcement broadcast, hoping that one day WVIK would replace the use of the PA system for daily announcements. 

 Although their dreams of a daily news broadcast have not yet been fulfilled (YET!), the tradition they started with the first WVIK broadcast has become a special part of the Shanksville-Stonycreek School District community.

As with all ventures, WVIK has evolved through the years both in content and production.  Beginning solely as a news broadcast for the announcements, WVIK Viking News Network has evolved into both a news and variety show.  The elementary has even jumped on board and produces their own WVIK Viking News Network for Lil' Vikes every week.  The original WVIK was produced live with a camera, a 100 ft. cable, aand a flat for a background.  Now WVIK is created in a studio with  agreen screen, lights, multiple cameras, and editing software.  WVIK even produces live broadcasts from time to time, and that is bring the dream of daily video announcements closer to reality.

Below, you can find the most recent episodes of the High School IVN broadcast and the elementary's Viking News Network for Lil' Vikes.  Enjoy!



Viking News Network for Lil' Vikes


Finally, below is the maiden broadcast of WVIK.

Original WVIK Broadcast - 2008

WVIK - Viking News Network for Lil' Vikes

Lil' Vike News