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Joining the Band 101

  • Click here to watch a video about why you should join band!


    *Obtaining a band instrument: Though the school has several instruments that students may borrow, we do not have enough for every student to have. On the link page, I have listed several music stores that you may use to rent and or buy an instrument. Keep in mind that instruments are like cars and you get what you pay for. If you ever have a question, feel free to email me. You do not need to purchase a stand though if you would like to have one for your child to use at home to practice, many music stores sell collapsible ones. 


    *Reeds: If your child chooses a reed instrument such as alto saxophone or clarinet, the first 3 reeds are provided for free from the district. Each reed after is $3 and can be purchased from the school during band class or lessons. Once a reed is chipped, it becomes worthless and must be throw away.


    *Books: I keep all necessary books for all instruments. You do not need to buy your own from a music store but can purchase them directly from the school. We use this method to ensure your child has the book they need in a timely fashion and it is also cheaper for you since the district buys them in bulk. All books are $6 and once a student pays for it, he or she may keep it permanently.


    *Drum Sticks and Pads: We have sticks that the percussion students may borrow during the school day but they may not take home with them. If they would like to purchase a pair that they may keep, you can find sets at almost any music store. Also, they can buy a pair from the district for $8. I recommend Vic Firth American Classic as far as sticks go though again, there are a lot of good brands out there and you can always email me with questions. You can find all types of practice pads out there, I recommend Remo: