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Who Does What


Senior Project Committee:

   1) Make all final decisions on evaluation issues

   2) Make any updates to the binders and collect them at end of the year

   3) Keep administration informed

Evaluation Chairperson and Evaluators:

   1) Complete and file all checklists and paperwork

   2) Determine completion of project

   3) Complete interviews or evaluate presentations(Community Service) 


   1) Make final approval of any recommended changes by the committee

   2) If student does not pass after second redo, administration will take over project evaluation


   1) Introduce project and website to students as well as discuss all parts with them

   2) Help with any part of process

   3) Give tips on proposal topic, application, cover letter, resume writing, and interviewing

   4) Keep records of student progress and checklists, and give back portfolios

   5) Meet with Chairperson to determine if final checklist is complete

Resource Person:

   1) Aid in job shadowing, community service project, military recruitment, or college advisement

   2) Sign student log

   3) Help with questionnaire

Office Staff:

   1) Randomly assign students to evaluation committees and interview times.

   2) Copy checklists for evaluation chairpersons (1 set per student)

   3) Update student's official record of pass or fail