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Interview dates and times are now posted on the website.  You can open it with this link: 

                                 Interview Schedule - 'To Be Posted'

  Be sure to bring all these materials in this order in your manila folder(which you can get from me): 

         1. Proposal

         2. Signed Contract

         2. Student log with all initials

         3. Help Wanted Ad

         4. Cover Letter

         5. Resume 

         6. Application

         7. Onsite questionnaires 

  • Only need one copy for the evaluators, but make sure you attach the corrected resume, cover letter and application to the red marked ones.
  • Come prepared and dressed professionally.
  • These are your evaluation checklists:  Evaluation Checklist 
  • Don't forget to place your thank you letter in your portfolio on the day of your interview!