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Weather Delays/Closures & Remote Learning

When winter weather arrives, the Shanksville-Stonycreek School District knows that delays, closures, and disruptions are inevitable.  In an effort to keep you as informed as possible, please take time to carefully read the District's winter-weather procedures, particularly the sections regarding Remote Learning. 

Please know that the District makes decisions regarding closures and delays with input from surrounding school districts, township officials, the maintenance supervisor, and MlakerTransportation.  As a parent, you reserve the right to keep your child at home if you feel road and/or weather conditions are unsafe.  Please contact your child's office regarding attendance if you choose to keep your child home when you believe road and/or weather conditions are unsafe.

Two-Hour Delay:

In the event of a two-hour delay, the following will take place: Families will be notified of a delay via a SchoolMessenger phone alert; additionally, Facebook, Twitter, the district Website, and local news will broadcast the message. The school day will begin at 10:00 am for High School, Middle School, and Elementary students.

In the event that conditions worsen unexpectedly and the District closes school for in-person learning after a delay is called, the following will take place:  A School Messenger phone alert will notify families of the cancellation AND inform students of the day's rotation schedule.  Students will attend school remotely following the two-hour delay via synchronous learning through Schoology and the middle school and high school students will follow the respective rotation schedule (rotation schedules are located below).   All elementary sudents will meet with their homeroom teacher.

Click Here To See Delay to Virtual Rotation 1

Click Here to see Delay to Virtual Rotation 2

Click Here to See Delay to Virtual Rotation 3


Full-Day Closure for In-Person Learning:

In the event that conditions require a full-day closure for in-person instruction, the District will operate remotely. Families will be notified of the closure via a School Messenger phone alert; additionally, Facebook, Twitter, the district Website, and local news will broadcast the message.  In most situations, all extracurricular activities will be cancelled when school is closed for in-person learning, unless the administration deems conditions safe. In this case, families will be notified of the event schedule. 

Students will attend school remotely via synchronous learning , according to their respective schedules that are available below.

Click here to see Elementary Pre-K - 3rd Grade Virtual Day Schedule

Click Here to see Elementary Grades 4 & 5 Virtual Day Schedule

Click here to see High School/Middle School Virtual Day Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are parents, guardians, and community members informed of delays and closings? Delay and closing information will be communicated via a SchoolMessenger phone alert, Facebook, Twitter, the district Website, and local news.

2. How soon after a decision to close or delay will the District inform parents and guardians? The District notifies constituents via School Messenger phone alerts and Facebook and website posts as soon as a decision is made.  Please note that the District makes every effort to avoid calling between the hours of 11 PM and 5:00 AM when possible.  Depending on call volume, the School Messenger phone alerts may take several minutes to contact all parents and guardians.  You are encouraged to visit the District's website for alerts and notifications. 

3. If the District closes for in-person learning and operates remotely, where can I find the high school and elementary schools' remote learning schedules? See the information posted above regarding remote learning schedules. 

4. Will every school closure due to inclement weather be considered a "Remote Learning Day" Yes, unless the District announces otherwise. 

5. Who do I contact if I do not receive the School Messenger phone alerts? The District contacts constituents based on the contact information in the Student Information System.  If you are not receiving alerts and would like to, please email the Guidance Office at or call the Guidance Department at 814-267-4649, ext. 249.