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SSSD Title I Program


Shanskville-Stonycreek School District’s Pre-K/Tier I half day program is designed for children who are five years old by the first day of the upcoming school year, and who are identified, through a comprehensive assessment (Gesell test, parent input, other data), as being developmentally young.  This may also include children who are four years old by the first day of the upcoming school year.  The Title I pre-k program is offered as a half day class with a high focus on social and emotional development along with language arts and math skills.  Instruction is delivered through whole group, small group, and one-on-on instruction.


Shanksville-Stonycreek School District’s Title I reading program is specifically geared towards those students who are experiencing difficulty in reading.  The program is available for students in grades kindergarten through third.  Students are selected based on multiple criteria which are grade level appropriate.  Title I instruction is delivered in a small group setting and through one-on-one instruction.

Goals of the Title I Program

The primary goal in pre-k is to prepare each child with the foundational skills needed to excel in the school years ahead. There is a strong emphasis on social and emotional development and also includes exposure and learning in all areas of development. 

The primary goal of the Title I reading program is to provide each child with the necessary skills to be able to read and comprehend on grade level.

Continuous communication among teachers and parents is necessary.  It is our hope, through Title I services, that students feel comfortable and gain confidence through our programs in a school setting.


Title I Documents

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