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Act 34 - PA Criminal Record Check

Act 34 - PA Criminal History Report Procedure for SSSD Employees

PATCH Helpdesk 1-888-QUERY-PA (1-888-783-7972)

If you have obtained a report in the past, it must be dated within one year of your start date and must show EMPLOYMENT (not volunteer) as the purpose of the report.

1) The Pennsylvania Criminal History Clearance Report is obtained electronically from the Pennsylvania State Police website: The $22.00 fee for this report is paid by credit card or debit card.

2) On the website, select "Submit a New Record Check".

3) Print the Certification Form as shown here:

4) Submit the official Certification Form to the District Office at Shanksville-Stonycreek School District, 1325 Cornerstone Road, Shanksville, PA  15560