• Shanksville-Stonycreek School District    

       Wednesday, January 19, 2022

    Miss Karen Miller
    Second Grade Teacher
    Room # 8
    I am an alumni of Shanksville Stonycreek School District having graduated in 1975.
      My Bachelor's of Science degree is in Elementary Education with a minor in music.   Whenever I can, I use my love of music to teach the children.  Sometimes I even bring in bells and have a bell choir! 
    I started teaching at Shanksville in the fall of 1979.  I have experience teaching first, second, third and fourth grades. I have been teaching second grade for over thirty years.    For four years I have been privileged to have a student teacher. 
    After learning about Native American life at Fort Necessity, I have incorporated the outdoor experience of my students making a wigwam.  It is part of my unit on Native Americans in Social Studies.
    A few  years ago I took an intensive 6 week course on Slingerland, a multisensory approach to teaching language arts.  I have been using Slingerland for years and this provided me with additional tools to help those students struggling with reading, writing, and spelling.  
    Every year I write a play for my second graders to perform for their parents at Christmas time.  A few years ago, a former student of mine wrote my annual play for her senior project. It was a wonderful and proud moment. 
    For years I have been using Spanish in my classroom.   Second graders are like little sponges.   They remember some of those words when they are in HS.  (A former Spanish teacher has confirmed this.)
    Puppeteering is one of my hobbies.  I try to utilize them in the classroom to encourage writing, public speaking, and reading.
    I have traveled to Greece, Egypt, Canada, Guatemala, and Israel.  Whenever possible I try to use my life experiences to enrich the learning environment of my students.