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    Sunday, June 26, 2022

    Mrs. Leslie deVries


    Room #Library

    email: ldevries@sssd.com

    Daily Schedule:
    8:12-8:52/Period 1

    Monday-Mrs. Boozer (4th)

    Tuesday-Mr. O'Connor (4th)

    Wednesday-Mrs. Frazier(5th)

    Thursday-Mrs. Blocker(5th)

    Friday-Mrs. Weigle (3rd)

    Library Resources; Code.org; Common Sense Media 
    8:54-9:33/Period 2
    9:36-10:15/Period 3

    Monday-Mrs. B. Shaffer (3rd)

    Tuesday-Mrs. Miller(2nd)

    Wednesday- Mrs. H. Shaffer (K)

    Thursday -Mrs. Spotz (1st)

    Friday- Miss Greenawalt(K) 

    Library Resources; Code.org; Common Sense Media 
    10:18-10:57/Period 4
    Lunch Duty/Tuesday-Mrs. Sube (PreK)
    11:00-11:39/Period 5
    11:42-12:21/Period 6
    H.S.Learning Lab 
    12:15-12:54/Period 7
    12:57-1:38/Period 8

    Monday-Mr. Mihelcic (2nd)/online students

    Tuesday-Mr. Mihelcic (2nd)/online students

    Wednesday-Mrs. McConeghy(1st)/online students

    Thursday-Miss Miller (2nd)online students

    Friday-Library/online students

    Library Resources; Code.org; Common Sense Media 
    1:39-2:18/Period 9
    6G/6B/7G/7B Study Skills SOAR Study SKills; PHEAA Student Career Guide; Students' Texts; POWER Library
    2:21-3:00/Period 10
    6th Grade/8th Grade Study Hall/Middle School Homework Support Students' Texts; online student class materials


    View my social contract 


    Library Policies and Social Contract 2021-2022


    • All library books should be brought to school the day your child’s class is assigned to go to the library. If further time is needed, books may be renewed for an additional week.
    • Students with books that are four or more weeks overdue will only be allowed to borrow one book and keep it at school until the overdue items are returned or payment is made to replace items.
    • Students who lose or damage two books during a school year may lose the privilege of taking books home. With teacher consent, they may be allowed to borrow books which must be kept at school.
    • Once a book is taken out of the library it is the responsibility of the student to know where it is at all times. It is the student’s responsibility to care for and return the book on time. 
    • If you move, please make sure all books are returned to the library. In the course of a move, if you forget and find them later, please send them back to us.  Contact the librarian for mailing instructions.
    • There are no late fees or overdue fines. In the event of a school closure, simply keep the library books until you have received directions regarding their return.  
    • Your child’s book exchange day is _________________________________________.

    Lost or Damaged Books

    Per the Blue and Gold Handbook replacement costs may be charged for lost or irreparably damaged books.  Costs vary by book.  A library notice will be sent home.  Refunds will be issued for lost books found until the end of the school year in which a fine/lost cost was paid. The library staff will make all necessary repairs to books.  Please do not attempt to glue or tape damaged books and please return all pieces. Thank you!


    All returned library materials are removed from circulation for tha appropriate days, cleaned with disinfectant which has been approved by the EPA for use against viruses, including COVID-19. Once dry, they are returned to the shelf.  Our process is based on the most recent research regarding virus life on the materials we handle.  For more information please check out the REALM project website at this link:  https://www.webjunction.org/news/webjunction/realm-happening-now.html.


    Students are expected to follow all school rules in the library.  Respect for self, peers, faculty, and staff is expected at all times.  All members of the school community are welcome in and have access to the library.

     Contact Information

    Mrs. Leslie deVries, Librarian   Email:  ldevries@sssd.com   Telephone:  814-267-7140 ext. 416   If at any time you have questions or requests for material, please contact me.

    Book Care Tips

    • Keep your library books away from liquids, including water bottles. Consider putting your water bottle inside a Ziploc bag if you place it inside your backpack with books.
    • Establish a safe place in your home for your child to keep his/her library books. If your child stays in different places, it would be a good idea to make sure your child has a safe place to store books in each home. This is important so he/she can take pride in returning a borrowed book on time.
    • Please wash hands before reading. Clean hands=clean pages.
    • Keep books away from pets. Dogs like to eat them and cats like to spray them.
    • Use a bookmark. Folding pages damages them.
    • Younger siblings and relatives have caused a lot of damage to library books. They often color, tear or cut pages. Help your child by keeping books away from unsupervised younger children.

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     Both my student and I have read the policies and social contract.  I will help my child learn to become responsible with his/her library book.  I agree to work with the librarian and my child’s teacher should there be an ongoing problem with damaged, overdue or lost books.

    I am providing contact information so that the librarian can notify me should there be any questions or issues.

    Child’s Name__________________________________________________

    Child’s Homeroom Teacher_______________________________________


    First contact person___________________________________

    Phone_____________     _______________________________

                Daytime                                  Evening



    Second contact person_________________________________

    Phone_____________     _______________________________

                Daytime                                  Evening



    Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________


    Student’s signature____________________________________

    I prefer to be contacted by____________________________