• Viking R Welcome to the Shanksville-Stonycreek School District Technology Department.
    The aim of this department is to better enhance the student educational experience by offering various and diverse technology resources to supplement traditional educational practices in the classroom.  It is the hope of the district that students will graduate having experience in using many of the software and/or programs, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Google, and Apple products that they will encounter in real-world endeavors.
    The district also strives to offer students opportunities to participate in activities they help develop 21st century skills, such as distance learning, collaboration, creativity, design, and evaluation in an online or authentic environment.
    Opportunities available to students through the SSSD technology department include a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) initiative, a Student Technician Program, where students can work as assistants in the technology department, the opportunity to create news broadcasts and television shows, and a student designed area on the district Web site.
    Each of these programs can be seen in more detail by clicking the individual pages on the left of the page.
    The district manages a variety of diverse resources to integrate into the educational experience for students including:
       Software:  Microsoft Office/365, Adobe Creative Suite, Apple iLife, Google Education Apps, Discovery Streaming, Voice Thread, Glogster,  Reading Counts, Power School, School Wires, and many more.
        Devices:  PCs, Macbooks, iPads, Chrome Books
         Resources:  Video Conferencing, BYOD 
    With a strong stable of resources, the district looks to enhance the education experience of students to better prepare them for life in the 21st century world.