• Frequently Asked Questions 

     When is my child’s library book due?

    All library books are due on the day your child has library class. If a student has library on Monday, his/her library books are due the next time his class has library, on the next Monday.  Students may renew books for another week if they have not finished a book.  It is helpful for students to bring their library books to class on the day they have book exchange every week, as they will often use their book in class.  Even if a student wants to renew a book and keep it another week, the student should always bring it to class.  


     What should I do if I am sick, away or forget my book on my library class day?

    Bring your library book back the first day you come back to school.  The library is open for students to return material and choose new books to borrow in the morning from when the buses arrive until classes begin at 8:15 a.m., over the 3rd-5th grade lunches and during open library period during the day.

     What do I do if I can’t find a library book?

    Don’t panic!  We all misplace items from time to time.  Tell Mrs. deVries so if someone at school finds your book and returns it she can let you know.  Then, look in all the places you think it might be and all the places you don’t think it could possibly be found. Don’t forget to look in your desk, locker, classroom(s), house, car(s), at child care centers or providers’ homes, old backpacks, relatives’ houses and cars, and under your bed.  If you don’t return or renew your book, after four weeks, we will send a note home asking for return of the book or payment.  A student may not borrow additional library books and take them home if two books are not returned, unless the cost of the items is paid.